Female Leadership in China

Female Leadership in China

17. Oktober 2018 Alle Kategorien HR Themen Podcast 0
Bettina Al-Sadik Lowinski
Dr. Bettina Al-Sadik Lowinski

Exploring why the proportion of female leadership in China is much higher than in Germany

In this special English edition of the Chinalogue – China Podcast, the host, Sabrina Weithmann, talks to Bettina Al-Sadik Lowinski about female leadership in China. 
Bettina interviewed 35 Chinese women of the Shanghai Women Career Lab. In this podcast episode, Bettina explains what these women do differently and also points out what we can learn from these Chinese women regarding career planning and development. You can find her book titled “How Chinese Women Rise“ by clicking on https://amzn.to/2wMAm9k.
Note: This is a special edition as the same episode has been previously released in German. If you already listened to this podcast in German, it won’t be any news to you. For the German version, please click here.

Chinalogue Video Podcast

As an additional highlight, we recorded this podcast also as video, so if you prefer to watch us disuss this important topic, click play. And don’t forget to drop us some feedback and join the discussion!

About the host: Sabrina Weithmann

Sabrina has developed a passion for Chinese interculture and economic issues. She helps companies to understand the change and impact deriving from the changing role of Chinese firms in the global market. She also acts as sparring partner to help company leaders understand these changes and find solutions to organize and manage their firms respectively. 


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