Young China and the impact of the post 90s

Young China and the impact of the post 90s

16. November 2018 Alle Kategorien HR Themen Interkulturelles Podcast 0
Zak Dychtwald

In this special English edition of the Chinalogue – China Podcast, the host, Sabrina Weithmann, talks to Zak Dychtwald author of the bestseller “Young China”. In his book he explores the post 90s and how this restless generation will change their country and the world. In this interview, Zak gives insights on why this generation is so important when trying to unpuzzle the future of China.

You can find Zak’s book titled „Young China: How the Restless Generation Will Change Their Country and the World“ by clicking on th title or directly through

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About the host

Sabrina has developed a passion for Chinese interculture and economic issues. She helps companies to understand the change and impact deriving from the changing role of Chinese firms in the global market. She also acts as sparring partner to help company leaders understand these changes and find solutions to organize and manage their firms respectively.